A discussion of machiavellis ideas and what influenced him to write the prince

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Niccolò Machiavelli

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The Prince is a short treatise of twenty-six chapters in which Machiavelli instructs a young pupil of the Medici family on how to acquire and maintain political power.

Famously centered on the right balancing of fortune and virtue in the prince, it is by far the most read work by Machiavelli and one of the most prominent texts of Western political thought. Virtue 1: Machiavelli, in dedicating the work to Lorenzo de' Medici, reminds the young prince that greatness awaits him because he is endowed with both fortune and admirable qualities.

Machiavelli uses the term "virtue" to describe the positive qualities of a prince. How does this statement relate to the ideas Machiavelli presents in The Prince? Machiavellis' the Prince Essay Machiavelli read Cicero’s Philippics and Livy’s history, both of which influenced him greatly. Upon the fall of the Medici family inFrance realized how easy it was to take over these city-states because of Florence.

- Due to his time away from politics he began to read Roman history which influenced him to write political treatises and thus The Prince was born. I’m still in shock as I write this and I feel this overwhelming grief.

“I influenced him the same way he influenced me. When he came back to the Bay Area, I introduced him. Prince: The Oral History of ‘Purple Rain’ “Prince, if you were to write something along these lines, it would cross things over for you even further.” but possibly that influenced him.

A discussion of machiavellis ideas and what influenced him to write the prince
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