Blood typing lab

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What is Blood Typing?

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Blood Typing

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This lab exercise involves two separate activities that require you to utilize blood type genetics. In Part A you will resolve a hospital mixup by typing blood samples from.

As blood starts oozing out, make 1 drop fall on the three depressions of the glass slide. (in clinical setup, there will be a fourth well used as a control). Place a cotton ball at the site where it was pricked.

A new test can determine blood type in seconds, scientists say

ABO – Rh Blood Typing Laboratory PSI Biology Name_____ Objective Students will simulate blood typing to identify the ABO and Rh blood types of four simulated blood samples. Students will understand the importance of blood type identification and its uses. Materials Blood typing slides. The CSI tested blood samples from the blood pool and the weapon at the crime scene.

It was determined that it was human blood, but he needs to know the. A blood type is based on the presence or absence of two proteins (A, B) on the surface of the red blood cells. Because there are two proteins are involved, there are four possible.

Blood typing lab
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