Exploratory notes

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Explaining Exploratory Testing Relies On Good Notes

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Exploratory Testing Tutorial: Process, Techniques & Examples

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Exploratory testing, is all about discovery, investigation and learning. It emphasizes on personal freedom and responsibility of the individual tester.

A Handy Note-taking Template for Exploratory Testing

Test cases are not created in advance but testers check system on the fly. They may note down ideas about what to test before test execution. The. Explanatory or content notes are used to add explanations, comments or other additional information relating to the main content but would make the.

Lecture 2: Exploratory data analysis Statistics Mine C˘etinkaya-Rundel September 1, Announcements Announcements If you can’t see our class on Sakai even though you are enrolled.

Exploring data is a key part of my duties. Exploratory allows me to quickly walk through different scenarios, add paths, visualize and revert a few steps when I need to, all in an easy to use interface.

Exploratory testing

Exploratory research It is a lot like exploration or detective work fuelled by curiosity and it is advisable for researchers to use their instincts to find clues and venture into new territories in search of information.

Exploring data is a key part of my duties. Exploratory allows me to quickly walk through different scenarios, add paths, visualize and revert a few steps when I need to, all in an easy to use interface.

Exploratory notes
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