Make believe ideas write and wipe boards for kids

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DIY Wipe Clean Activity Board and Free Printable Activity Pages

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Having fun things for the kiddos to do outside is a must and this outdoor chalkboard that we made for our lil’ lady’s 3rd birthday is a total hit!It gives her a place to be creative and draw without all the chalk on the ground, which ends up on our feet, which ends up all over our dark floors in the house –not cool.

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I love seeing all the wonderful and creative crafts posted on the web! So much information is at our fingertips and I’m so thankful. Below is a collection of my VERY FAVORITE chicks that I found on the web and believe me, I combed through a lot of sites.

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Camilla the Cupcake Fairy Mini Coloring Book. By: Make Believe Ideas. Make Believe Ideas / / Paperback. Write a Review.

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with a page full of great stickers for curious kids. Bursting with imaginative.

Make believe ideas write and wipe boards for kids
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