Writing a religious iconology

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Religious symbolism and iconography

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From Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus to Ingres’s Grande Odelisque, many artists like the idea of painting a. Apr 28,  · Iconography and iconology are interdependent sciences concerned with the visual arts and architecture as reflections of a culture. Broadly speaking, the terms are sometimes used accademiaprofessionebianca.coms: 8.

Religious symbolism and iconography: Religious symbolism and iconography, respectively, the basic and often complex artistic forms and gestures used as a kind of key to convey religious concepts and the visual, auditory, and kinetic representations of religious ideas and events.

Symbolism and iconography have been utilized by all the. The terms iconology and iconography are derived from the Greek word for image (ε ί κ ώ ν) combined with either the word for writing (γ ρ ά φ ε ι ν, to write, thus iconography) or with the word for reason and thought (λ ό γ ο ς, thus iconology).

The two terms are closely connected and have often been used interchangeably. The word iconography comes from the Greek εἰκών ("image") and γράφειν ("to write").

A secondary meaning (based on a non-standard translation of the Greek and Russian equivalent terms) is the production of religious images, called icons, in the Byzantine and Orthodox Christian tradition; that is. Iconographic analysis must be used differently for those works of art that seem not to have a single meaning.

Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera (Uffizi, Florence), painted in Italy just a few decades after Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding, has attracted the attention of many writers without one interpretation of .

Writing a religious iconology
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